Avenue 60 Landscaping

Work is under way to complete Adalusia landscaping on Avenue 60 between Madison and Monroe streets. On May 19, Trilogy resident Dale Tyerman presented the City Council with a petition signed by 232 residents demanding that the city force Sunrise Development, owner of Andulasia, to complete the work no later than June 30. Below is a link to Dale’s testimony before the council, which was delivered via phone. At the end of the short video, Mayor Linda Evans is heard to say: “We are working on Avenue 60.” Thanks to Dale and other Trilogy residents for their efforts!


  1. That excuse for a deep slope causing the delay . Pretty outrageous since that sloped grade has been there for over 10 years.


    1. I agree Colin. It’s not like that slope suddenly appeared. It’s been there all along throughout the ongoing work.


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