Virtual presentation cancelled

The developer of Travertine has cancelled a virtual presentation scheduled for May 27 on the proposed development on the south side of the berm from Trilogy. The project is undergoing an environmental review as part of the assessment process conducted by the City of La Quinta and other government agencies.

Travertine environmental review under way

The City of La Quinta has released details of the plan for Travertine, a residential and commercial development proposed on the other side of the berm from Trilogy, between the Martinez rock slide and Coral Mountain. An environmental review is under way.

Travertine is the second major development planned near Trilogy; the other being Coral Mountain, a surfing resort community on 400 acres of vacant land off of Madison Street, across from Andalusia. 

An Environmental Impact Review is underway, which will assess impact on traffic, noise, hydrology and other subjects. As the proposal moves through the system, there will be public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council, where the final decision will be made.

Travertine has been on the drawing board for some time. The filing of the specific plan with the city is a strong indication that developers are anxious to proceed. The plan reveals that the developer, Hoffman Land Development Co. of Irvine, hope to begin construction in 2026, with a 10-year buildout.

Here’s what an initial reading of the plan shows:

  • The 876-acre site would eventually house 1,200 dwellings, including estate and luxury homes.
  • A boutique hotel and spa with 100 rooms and restaurant.
  • A golf course with nine to 12 holes.
  • A public trail system and parks.
  • Open space: 163 acres will remain in in natural state with restricted access.
  • Access to the development is propsed by extending Jefferson Street through the back side of Coral Mountain and Avenue 62. An alternate plan shows access from Madison, crossing Avenue 60, entering from behind Trilogy. According to a city official, access to Travertine would be over the berm.  The developer is working to secure permission for this from the Bureau of Reclamation, which owns the berm/dike. 

The preliminary plan can be found here.

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  1. Thanks John. As always a fact based description of what is proposed. Not planned to start construction until 2026, wow.


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